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Working at Veco: what is it like for a new employee?

January 25, 2021

At Veco, the knowledge development of our employees is of paramount importance. This knowledge development begins as soon as an employee starts at Veco. It has been assimilated into our learning management system, an automatic system that guides employees to ultimately become fully-fledged employees.

Once you start at Veco, you will receive the information about the company through the E-learning training. Also, a specific module of the E-learning is the required safety training. After the first general module, we will go deeper into the information and regulation at department level with the second E-learning module.

Both E-learning modules provide a solid, stable basis so you can get familiar with the company easily and start working responsively. Through the Learning Management System, you are continuously informed of changes and adjustments, so you do not miss any new information. 

Watch the video to learn about our Learning Management System for new employees.


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