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'Data science: ideal for recognizing strange patterns in production process'

March 25, 2019

Big data is on the rise in the logistics sector. Veco Precision in Eerbeek is no exception and collects a lot of data according to Group Director Operations Joris Keizers. The reason for introducing process mining at the production company was a combination of his passion for mathematics and a need for structure states the Logistics Manager of the Year 2018. The results are very interesting and a must-read for all manager in Supply Chain B2B environments.

‘Data science: ideaal voor herkennen rare patronen in productieproces’

Data formed the basis for realizing one of the most appealing results at Veco Precision. With the help of process mining, the internal logistic process was made transparent on the basis of facts. In addition, the producer of precision parts has been able to cut the throughput time in half. These achievements also contributed to Keizers being awarded the title of Logistics Manager of the Year. Nevertheless, according to him, the operational improvement process started in 2014. Due to the fact that he is a firm believer of continuous improvement, the efforts, developments and refinements are always ongoing.  

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