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Veco's most durable screen ever made soon to be available in all of LARSSON's new machines

June 24, 2019

Veco B.V. and LARSSON, Swedish producer of equipment for the starch processing industry, have proudly presented a new and innovative durable sieve screen technology. The design is improved by making the sieve screen from a thicker stainless steel sheet, which results in a more durable, cost-efficient and hygienic sieve screen. 

"The most durable sieve screen ever made"
As stated by Torleif Svensson (LARSSON); ”Starch separation requires a durable and highly accurate filtration screen of both coarse and fine particles at the same time. This distinct combination of features makes the Veco B.V. screens a preferable option over the more traditional alternatives such as wire mesh and wedge wire”.

“What we create with our partners makes a real and lasting impact. Together we want to reach the industry that believe in lasting filtration relationships and the value of performance and professionalism”, says Veco’s business development manager Brian Adelerhof.

Read the full article in the new LARSSON magazine: 


We believe in reliable, higher production output filtration solutions
Over the following decades Veco developed a vast range of products for the filtration industry. Ranging from large sets for sugar sieve centrifuges, to coffee filters with triangular shaped holes for the best crema on your espresso coffee and to fine mesh nebulizers used in the medical industry.

1 - sugar sieve all original_BAS7503

Traditionally our technologies were limited to nickel substrates. However, the need of our customers moved us to achieve comparable excellence with stainless steel for specific products and for specific markets. During the last decade we have extensively researched and expanded our material range and technological capabilities to serve our customers in the best possible way. 

Interested in learning more about our latest developments and filtration capabilities? Download our latest filtration application note and find out:

Mockup_filtration app note 2-1.png

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