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Filtration media varies across applications and has a significant influence on efficiency of production processes and quality of final products. Engineers always strive to search for the right solutions for different projects/demands. What if someone can develop and customize an off-the-shelf solution for you for any specific filtration demand?

With a long history in filtration, Veco developed a vast range of products for the filtration industry; coffee filtration, sugar sieves, starch screens, etc. Traditionally, most of our  filtration solutions were limited to only nickel substrates. By listening to our customers we have developed ways to expand our applicable material range and technological capabilities, to serve our customers as they please.

Key benefits:

  • Reliable, higher production output
  • Higher open area
  • Hygienic 'easy release' design
  • Extremely narrow tolerances
  • Food grade stainless steel


Download Application Note Filtration