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[Knol-edge] Q2. Cost comparison: Electroforming, Etching, and other precision technologies

Jul 11, 2017 8:00:00 AM By Knol-edge: Frequently Asked Questions

In Knol-edge, Harrie Knol shares his knowledge on precision metal. Harrie is Head of Application Engineering at Veco and helps our clients' engineers to shape their projects.

In this video, Harrie talks about cost comparison of Electroforming, Etching, and other precision technologies. Is Electroforming more expensive than other precision technologies? Why can we do Electroforming cost-effectively? What are the scenarios that Electroforming is the better choice? What Electroforming technology can do for engineers?

To learn more about Electroforming, a form of Additive Manufacturing, see White Paper Electroforming:
Download whitepaper: Electroforming - innovation in additive manufacturing

Stay tuned and see more FAQs answered by Harrie Knol, the industry leading expert in Electroforming. 

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