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applications of Electroforming: filtration applications in the Food & Beverage industry

Mar 7, 2024 4:21:32 PM By Hua Fan

Electroforming is a metal forming process used to manufacture high-precision and high-performance components. Its unique combination of high resolution, excellent strength, chemical resistance, and unparalleled design flexibility make it the manufacturing technology of choice for fabricating advanced filtration components where precision, performance, and reliability are paramount. This article introduces typical applications of Electroforming in the field of filtration in the Food & Beverage industry.

sugar filtration screens

In sugar manufacturing, filtration is a critical process for separating sugar crystals from the massecuite/thick juice. The performance of a sugar screen directly impacts sugar yields and sugar quality. As the original developer and the world’s largest manufacturer, Veco manufactures Electroformed sugar filtration screens that 
deliver anti-clogging performance, smoother surfaces, enhanced durability, and higher throughput compared to conventional filtration media.

sugar sieve

The Electroformed sugar screens are engineered with unique bell-mouth-shaped apertures that prevent clogging and blinding during use. This anti-clogging design provides consistent throughput and maximizes the efficiency of the filtration process. The Electroforming process also enables an ultra-smooth screen surface finish devoid of any burrs or bumps, preventing buildup on the screen surface and contributing to the self-cleaning effect. In addition, Veco’s Electroformed sugar screens last longer with less maintenance and higher efficiency. Veco Life in particular lasts up to twice as long as standard screens. What’s more, Veco provides sugar screens with exceptionally high open area, which translates to throughput increases of up to 170%, maximizing the processing capacity and sugar yields.

coffee filters

coffee filter

Coffee filters play a vital role in delivering optimized coffee flavor. The hole configuration directly impacts functionality and taste. Parameters like size, shape, profile, and surface smoothness are crucial to prevent clogging and channeling while allowing efficient throughput. Veco utilizes its expertise in Electroforming technology to engineer filter screens with superior hole configurations, resulting in smooth, flavorful coffee free of particulates.

Electroforming enables the fabrication of coffee filters with specialized hole geometries to ensure efficient throughput, prevent clogging, and reduce flow restrictions. This includes innovative bell-shaped holes that actively repel particulates. The process also creates an ultra-smooth surface finish devoid of burrs that could hinder performance. In addition, Electroforming can produce micro-precision filter components with hole sizes and shapes not feasible with conventional metal fabrication. It also allows exceptionally high open area and throughput where needed.

filtration screens for the production of MSG, edible oils, and more.


Monosodium glutamate (MSG) is one of the most widely used food additives in the world. A critical step in MSG production is filtration to remove impurities and particulates. High-quality filtration screens are crucial for efficient MSG purification. Electroformed filtration screens are an optimal choice for MSG filtration thanks to precise pore size, smooth surfaces, high strength, and customizability. Fabricated from nickel and other high-quality alloys, electroformed screens provide durability and corrosion resistance that withstand steam sterilization and cleaning cycles in MSG production processes. Furthermore, Electroforming enables screens to be tailored to the unique particulate characteristics, viscosity, and volumes associated with MSG processes.

In edible oil manufacturing, filtration is a vital process for removing contaminants and purifying crude vegetable oils. The quality of oil filtration screens directly impacts oil quality, process efficiency, and production costs. Veco’s advanced Electroforming technology can be used to produce filtration screens that optimize edible oil purification and deliver superior contaminant retention, extended lifetimes, increased durability, and maximum process efficiency to produce the highest quality edible oils. Moreover, Electroforming enables complete customization of oil filtration screen design parameters for maximized filtration performance, lifetime, and oil quality.

Across the food and beverage industry, precision-engineered electroformed filtration screens have the potential to advance processing efficiency, product purity, and quality with a wide range of applications. For example:

  • For wine & beer production, precision-engineered filtration screens enabled by advanced Electroforming technology can effectively remove haze-forming particles and microorganisms for stability, clarity, and health safety of alcoholic beverages.
  • In the production of dairy products, electroformed microfiltration screens can help remove protein and lipids from milk and whey.
  • In juice production, high-precision electroformed screens can be used to clarify and cold-sterilize fruit and vegetable juices while minimizing product loss.

    In summary, Electroforming is an essential metal fabrication technology for producing high-performance filtration components. It enables excellent control over feature profiles, pore dimensions, surface smoothness, and other properties important for efficient particle capture and flow characteristics. The versatility of Electroforming also allows a wide range of filtration solutions for applications in the Food & Beverage industry.

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