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Veco Precision acknowledged as environmentally conscious company

January 29, 2019

Veco Precision recently got acknowledged as an environmentally conscious company by 'De Omgevingsdienst Regio Nijmegen (ODRN), that grants permits and engages with
supervision and enforcement at Seveso III companies in The Netherlands. Veco has been featured in the Seveso III calendar, in which ODRN draws attention to best practices at top performing companies with regards to working environmentally conscious and, above all,  safety first. 

Pearl of The Veluwe
"Hidden in the woods of Eerbeek, on the site of a former laundry, is a world player in precision-manufacturing. We work with high-quality materials including gold cyanide. Expensive patents and techniques ensuring products that are crucial for the operation of consumer articles: coffee filters, printheads, shaver foils and encoder discs. Yes, it requires substances that are considered dangerous. And yes, Veco had some negative exposure in news over the years.

Blessing in disguise
'We come from far', Fred de Graaf confirms, 'but allows for significant improvement. And that's what we did. In conversation with the inspection services, again looking at the business processes, the risks and the environmental effects in relation to legislation and regulations. It was actually a godsend: we had a museum permit on essential matters, too old and that makes us vulnerable. We just wanted to go to a permit-to-grow, which also includes entrepreneurial space. So we invested in the permit process with an external consultant - Marjan Hillmann, who is unfortunately going to leave us. Without her expertise, we would not be where we are now. "

Source: De Omgevingsdienst Regio Nijmegen (ODRN), BRZO kalender 2019

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