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In the medical industry, engineers are often challenged with designing and development for the next innovation. Electroforming, highly suitable to create thin, strong, and/or ultra-precise components in complex shapes, has already proved to be a great solution in many medical applications. It has also provided outcome in many situations where cost-effective production was needed.

The following application notes are included:

  • Medical filtration: better filtration, less maintenance, and longer lifetime
  • Aerosol: our nebulizer plate solutions
  • Medical Flow Regulator: achieve accurate flow control with Veco's flow discs
  • Endoscope: our indicator/light stop solutions for Endoscopes
  • Hearing Aid Instrument: micro fabrication of miniaturized hearing aid electronics
  • Micro Needle: our latest innovation in Micro Needling pushes the boundary of skin treatment
  • Ophthalmoscope: our micro-precision solutions for Ophthalmoscopy

Download Medical Application Notes