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inkjet nozzle plate


What's in this application note:

  • What is inkjet nozzle plate
  • Veco's inkjet nozzle plate solutions
  • Technical specifications
  • Benefits of Veco's inkjet nozzle plates
  • SEM photos of Veco's high precision nozzle plates



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the benefits of high-precision metals for your business:

High precision

with Electroforming, high precision metal parts with extreme feature accuracy down to ±1 μm, can be made burr and stress free.

Rapid prototyping

Electroforming is a process that can harvest a large amount of products in every run, with ultimate precision, accuracy, and reproductivity.

High quality

To always provide our customers with the best quality, Veco has been certified to the latest version of the ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 45001.