Learn how Veco can bring innovation to your company:

World leader in micro-precision parts

Veco serves the world’s most innovative, high-tech
companies that demand high quality and precision. With more than 80 years experience in the market, Veco is the industry leader not only for technical capabilities and R&D capabilities, but also thorough understanding of various industries such as Aerospace, Electronics, Automotive, Medical, Industrial Automation and Digital Printing.

Find your go-to technology

Veco is the only one in the industry with three in-house technologies: Electroforming, Chemical Etching, and Laser Material Processing (five different processes). Our technology capabilities enable us to provide the widest range of precision solutions tailored to a wide range of industrial applications.

From prototype to micro-precision part

Veco can transform your world and, more importantly, your business. Once you have our scientific knowledge, innovative minds, and
technical assets at your disposal, almost any micro-precision part you can imagine will not only become a reality, but also be manufactured at
industrial volumes. This is how Veco can make a real and lasting impact.

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What is inside this brochure?

  • About Veco: history, vision, mission and brand values
  • Our Technologies: introduction to our three in-house technologies
  • Our Markets: overview of the industries in which we operate
  • Our Products: overview of some of  our prime products + customer cases
  • Co-Development: enable continous innovation for your business through co-development
  • Reasons te believe: proof we have what it takes to deliver on our brand promise

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Learn how Veco can bring innovation to your company: